What Is TI-TO   

What is named the 'Two In-Two Out' plan, which essentially means that no woman on the planet, is legally permitted to have more then two natural conceptions!
Of course twins, triplets and higher would have to be an exception to the 'law' but the 'numbers' involved, would basically be insignificant in the complete 'scheme' of things! Implementation is equal to, the sooner the better.

You think not?
I suggest asking one of the survivors, of the 1998 starvation, where the 'WHO' recorded a mere, fifty-three million world-wide deaths!

That's even intensified more, when you realize the vast majority of those were from long, drawn out, painful starvations world wide! Also, according to a 'CCF' commercial, the number of children dying a day, as of May 8th, 2001,  is thirty-two thousand.


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