The Solution   

This is translated to mean, two offspring, max to replace the two parents,
thus exactly the same number of mouths to feed, from one generation, to
the next!  Three offspring, is one too many and for anyone whom screams
that parents DO NOT have, anywhere near the size families they used to,
so what's WRONG with only three offspring?  For that individual, I just state
that you've obviously never heard of a little MATH phenomena, known as ex-
potential, growth? In this situation it refers to your grand parents, having
some unbelievable number of children, like ten to the max, which I believe
was ninety-something!  Then, each of those offspring, just having as little
as three children, the result is just in three generations, the world populate-
ion has been increased, a mere thirty-four, mouth's to feed!
That's from just two grand parent's to thirty-six, grand children OR an increase
of nineteen  times, of the number of mouth's to feed!  All from a shrinking food
resource, due to the 'GREEN HOUSE' effect, known as the planet EARTH!
It 'boils' down to a pretty-simple choice!  Three to ninety-something, offspring
who all starve to DEATH OR two happy, productive offspring, who live-on to give
you four, happy grand children!  The 'choice' is, obviously CLEAR, NO?


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