Over Population   


Why prevent the overpopulation and continuous growth? A number of 'logical' reason's, which include;

You thought the line-up at McDonald's was long today? Well, just give it another twenty-five years of 'Propagation For The Nation's mentality!

You feel today's 401 traffic, was just a little crowded, when you tried to drive to McDonald's!

You found the city-wide, smog-alert a little frustrating because you were in your brand-new, convertible! Those 'alerts' seem to be a 'daily' event, these days!

4) After hours of waiting, you finally get to the 'order' counter but just then the attendant makes the announcement that all McDonald's locations are out of beef for their burgers, as well as potatoes for their fries! A reasonable conclusion because there is twice the number of mouths world wide to feed!

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